BMW Northwest Disability Program

Great news for disabled drivers who want to experience the Ultimate Driving Machine!

Upon the purchase of a new or Certified Pre-Owned (CPO) BMW, disabled customers may qualify for total reimbursement of vehicle modifications (such as hand controls) by BMW of North America that allow them to operate their BMW.

This program for reimbursement covers all one-time expenses incurred to equip the primary owner/driver of a BMW under the BMW New Vehicle Limited Warranty, 4-years/50,000 miles, or CPO Warranty, 6-years/100,000 miles, during ownership experience.

For reimbursement, BMW of North America requires proof:

  • Vehicle must be purchased from an authorized U.S. BMW center (we prefer it be us) 
  • A copy of lease or purchase documents 
  • Vehicle is registered and operated by the disabled customer - a copy of a permit or license 
  • An invoice outlining the modifications performed 
  • Contact us to submit your reimbursement request 

Click Here to View the Department of Transportation brochure "Adapting Motor Vehicles For People With Disabilities" or visit The Department of Transportation - for more information

For assistance finding modification facilities, please contact the
National Mobility Equipment Dealers Association ( or at 800-833-0427. 

The National Mobility Equipment Dealers Association (NMEDA) is known internationally as an organization committed to ensuring quality and professionalism in the manufacturing and installation of safe and reliable mobility equipment in vehicles for drivers and passengers with disabilities.