2023 BMW iX vs. 2023 Tesla Model X Vehicle Comparison


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 You don't need to spend very long on the streets or roads of Tacoma, Seattle, and Bellevue to realize how many midsize crossover SUVs are out there, but only a few are like the BMW iX. The iX is a relatively sizeable midsize luxury crossover SUV powered exclusively by electricity, which puts it up against a small but exclusive list of rivals. Of course, luxury and electric motors immediately turn thoughts to Tesla, so here's how the 2023 BMW iX compares to the 2023 Tesla Model X.

Exterior styling

While exterior styling will always be subjective, and what one person loves, another person can hate, stark differences between the iX and the Model X are worth addressing. To begin with, the 2023 BMW iX is an almost all-new model with a strikingly fresh new look. Although the exterior styling of the iX is incredibly contemporary, it's still immediately recognizable as a BMW. The iX is also quite clearly an SUV, and it would look good if it had an internal combustion engine under the hood instead of being fully electric.

Unlike the BMW, the Tesla Model X has been in production since 2015, and that's starting to show with the exterior styling. While there's no mistaking the Model X for anything other than a Tesla, this model has always been the brand's most controversial design. The falcon-wing doors used to be an exciting novelty, but now they are helping the Tesla look a bit like a vision of a futuristic car that someone dreamed up a couple of decades ago. The Tesla Model X isn't an unattractive SUV but is less striking or contemporary than the all-new 2023 BMW iX. The Tesla looks futuristic but dated after longer in the market without any significant refresh than most conventional models ever go. And that issue with the Tesla extends beyond how it looks.   


BMW and Tesla have chosen different paths with the iX and Model X interiors. The BMW is strictly a five-seat vehicle, which results in abundant space for cargo and passengers and a more luxurious feel to the iX. The Tesla can be a five, six, or seven-seat vehicle with the addition of a third row. The third row is relatively easy to get in or out of ­- especially with second-row captain's chairs instead of a bench - but the third-row seats are so small they're almost unusable in many cases.

Although the Tesla is longer than the BMW, the iX has a longer wheelbase at 118.1 inches to the Model X's 116.7 inches. This results in the BMW iX offering more legroom, headroom, and comfort for second-row passengers than the Tesla Model X. While there's no denying the futuristic look of the Model X interior, it's a look that's started to feel a little dated. By way of contrast, the interior of the BMW iX is a modern take on the kind of high-quality, well-designed interiors BMW is so famous for, and so respected for producing.  

Ownership and driving

There's no getting away from the fact that the ownership experience will be very different if you choose the BMW iX over the Tesla Model X. While the unique sales and ownership model of Tesla has its fans, there's a lot to be said for the more traditional ownership experience with the BMW iX with its extensive dealership network for sales and servicing. And there's also the matter of price. While the 2023 BMW iX M60 costs just $1,000 less than the 2023 Tesla Model X, the Model X Plaid costs another $10,000, and there are no more affordable options. However, the BMW iX xDrive50 has an MSRP of almost $26,000 lower than the cheapest Model X.

And while both vehicles are available in two different versions, buyers have far more options for customizing the iX than with the Model X. The Tesla restricts shoppers to just five exterior color options, compared to nine with the BMW. You only get a couple of wheel choices with the Model X, too, while the BMW options run into double figures ranging from the standard 20-inch rims to some impressive 22s.   


There are many similarities between the 2023 BMW iX and the 2023 Tesla Model X but also many differences. The Tesla probably is more challenging to convert to for those new to fully-electric vehicles than the BMW, and the novelty of those Model X doors will soon wear off. The BMW also offers a more traditional buying and ownership experience, especially with its more accessible pricing and the benefits of a well-established dealer network. And although both cars are fully-electric, the BMW draws on many decades of producing some of the best-driving cars in the world. The iX feels more like driving a traditional car than the unique and possibly polarizing experience the Tesla delivered.

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